What is a Survival4Life bracelet?

A Survival4Life bracelet is more than just a fashion statement—although it’s the coolest version of the popular paracord bracelets out there right now.

You can order the Survival4Life bracelet in any of dozens of color combinations—represent your favorite sports team, your school colors, your country of origin, and more! Mix and match with your friends, and color coordinate with your favorite outfits and accessories.

Unlike other bracelets, Survival4Life is made with only the highest quality military-grade cord, made in the USA and guaranteed to withstand the toughest treatment without breaking or fraying.

But look a little closer and you’ll see it’s in activities like hiking, camping, hunting, and wilderness activities of all kinds that Survival4Life stands out from the crowd.

Because of its superior quality and strength, Survival4Life can actually make the difference in an emergency situation. Unravel the super-strong cord and you have a length of military-grade quality cord suitable for all kinds of needs, from replacing a broken bootlace or drawstring to securing a tent, stringing up a food bag in a tree, lashing down objects on your backpack or car roof rack, and dozens of other times when a length of strong cord can help.