Take a look at some the great uses of a Survival4Life bracelet
Blog Entry - 1

My Survive4Life bracelet has yet to save my life, but it certainly saved my feet some pain as well as saved my afternoon. Every once in a blue moon I free my calendar to take my daughter’s quarterhorse out for a long quiet trail ride. Being a big kid who loves Westerns, this is a special treat. So on this afternoon I was riding on an old hand-me-down saddle that seemed sturdy enough and served me well for many rides. Deep into the hills, while going along at a nice trot, my right stirrup suddenly left the blevins, which is the thick leather strap that connects saddle to stirrup. Anyhow, the stirrup was hanging from my boot, and I about fell out of my seat. The internal hardware that holds the top of the stirrup together failed me, and there was no way - out on the trail - to get under the stitched leather to put it back together. It looked like it was going to be a long walk (two/three miles) back the stables leading the horse over dirt trails in cowboy boots.

Then I realized that I had my bracelet on. I weighed the cost of boarding/feeding this horse plus the cost of my one afternoon a month pretending I was “riding the range”. Off came the bracelet and out came my knife. After untying about two feet of each “color” of paracord, I lashed the stirrup together so that the tension would hold the roller bolt in place. I looped the blevins back through the stirrup and quick as that I was back in the saddle.

I still have the bracelet. It still has about 12 feet of good cord left. Once I receive my new Survive4Life bracelet, I am going to affix the old one on the saddle for the next make-do moment. Thanks, Survive4life!