Our Story

Owner Olivier Baudier has been making cord bracelets since he was a child growing up in France. He has been experimenting with colors, textures, and patterns of bracelets for years for his own use, living out his personal motto that has also become the motto of the company: “A man aware and ready is worth two men.”

Olivier’s now married and raising two children in Carlsbad, Ca. He and his daughter decided to join the YMCA’s Indian Princess program, which encourages a close, enduring relationship between fathers and daughters by providing a means for them to share enjoyable experiences and have fun together. Among the activities Indian Princesses and their dads participate in are group camping trips. An interest in camping led to Olivier showing his daughter how to make paracord bracelets, and it was her idea to make and sell them in all colors, as a fundraiser. It was the success of this fundraiser that showed Olivier what a hit the bracelets could be, and led to his decision to make and sell them.

We hope you and your family and friends enjoy these high-quality, American-made bracelets as much as we do!

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